ISWA World Congress 2010

ISWA World Congress 2010

15. - 18. November in Hamburg

From the 15th to the 18th of November 2010 the City of Hamburg will host the ISWA World Congress 2010 on Urban Development and Sustainability.

It is a unique possibility to participate in an international forum where outstanding experts in the different fields of Research and Practice will present and discuss the different aspects of a sustainable development in our urbanized world. In several parallel sessions the participants have the opportunity to hear about the latest developments not only on waste management, but on all aspects related to urban development. From technical innovations in the handling and treatment of the different fractions of waste to urban mining, the social aspects of waste generation and the impact of the different aspects of waste on a sustainable development in the cities. There will be the opportunity to visit different waste treatment plants (from sorting facilities to energy production) located in or near Hamburg.

You can find further information about the programm, place, registration and so on at: 


Waste-to-Energy or Waste-of-Energy?

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The consortium gathered for ISSOWAMA comprises leader organisations from European and Asian countries with years of proven experience in ISWM, universities, NGOs, municipalities, industrial associations and SMEs.

7. Framework Programme

FP7ISSOWAMA is a Coordination Action funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme, specific program “Cooperation”.