BIOAZUL S.L. (BIOAZUL), (Spain) is a catalyst, promoter and facilitator of R&D projects and developer and distributor of innovative environmental products. BIOAZUL has an extensive experience in the preparation, management and participation in R&D projects (including EC funded ones with large amount of partners, such as several Thematic Networks) and in R&D activities in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency (especially concerning biomass), solid wastes and wastewater management, and environmentally-sound agriculture. BIOAZUL is currently working in the development and optimisation of biotechnological products and systems devoted to wastewater treatment and reuse, as well as in the preparation, development and management of projects within the VI and VII Framework Programmes of the European Commission.


Waste-to-Energy or Waste-of-Energy?

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The consortium gathered for ISSOWAMA comprises leader organisations from European and Asian countries with years of proven experience in ISWM, universities, NGOs, municipalities, industrial associations and SMEs.

7. Framework Programme

FP7ISSOWAMA is a Coordination Action funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme, specific program “Cooperation”.